Saturday, September 3, 2011

AirPino Authorized to Market and Assemble ZenAir Canada aircraft in the Philippines

1 August 2011

RENE G. ABAD and AirPino, based in Quezon City have been authorized by Zenair Ltd. of  Ontario, Canada to market and develop Zenair™ aircraft designs for the Philippine market. This agreement covers the following aircraft models:

Zenair STOL CH801 - 4 seater 

AirPino CH801 Lawin MPLA concept

CH801 over farms

CH801 on floats

Zenair STOL CH750 - 2 seater plus

CH750 over water

CH750 with 2 passengers

Zenair STOL CH701 - 2 seater

CH701 in extreme STOL takeoff

CH701 airborne

Zenair Zodiac CH650 / CH650B - 2 seater

Aerial Touring with the CH650B LSA

Sleek CH650 head-on view

CH650 at Paris Air Show 2009

CH650B LSA - Joy of Flying

The agreement covers the promotion and marketing of Zenair Ltd.’s unique line of high-performance light aircraft designs for liaison, utility, reconnaissance, patrol,  surveillance and other roles to the various commands of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (Army, Navy, Air Force); and to other Philippine government institutions, including Local Government Units (Provinces, Cities, Municipalities, Barangays).

The aircraft will also be offered to the adventurous who would like to experience the joy of flying at very affordable levels.

AirPino will explore the feasibility and develop plans for the assembly and finishing of the different aircraft models in the Philippines, to deliver locally-built and equipped ready-to-fly aircraft.

Aircraft Sales, Aircraft Assembly, Maintenance and Repairs for the Zenair Aircraft Brand for the  Philippines.

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