Friday, October 14, 2016

Basler Turbo USA is offering the BT-67 Gunship(FLIR-equipped) for Combat Air Support, Maritime Patrol and Transport to the Philippine Department of National Defense

Basler Turbo Conversions of Oshkosh, Wisconsin USA is offering its FLIR-equipped BT-67 Gunship to the Philippine Department of National Defense for Combat Air Support, Maritime Patrol and Transport. The BT-67 FLIR Gunship will be helpful in upgrading the air capabilities of the Armed Forces of the Philippines at a very affordable level, and at a fast implementation timetable.

Basler BT-67 Fantasma FLIR Gunship, Fuerza AĆ©rea Colombiana

The Basler BT-67 FLIR Gunship’s affordability and capabilities as a Multi Mission Aircraft will enable the Philippines to either buy more of the aircraft, or use the savings to buy other needed defense equipment. Using just one aircraft type for multiple missions will also simplify and lower the cost of maintenance and logistics support. With additional sensors, the BT-67 FLIR Gunship has also a good potential as a long range Maritime Patrol and ISR Aircraft platform.

Basler Turbo Conversions has sold more than 63 BT-67’s worldwide so far. The Basler BT-67 has been used by the U.S.A.F. SOF Command, U.S. Department of State and U.S. Forest Service, and is widely used by the Thailand and Colombia Air Forces. Other Air Forces using the Basler BT-67 are that of Mauritania, Mali, El Salvador, and Guatemala. It is widely used by Scientific, and Geophysical Survey companies specially in the Polar regions, aside from many commercial cargo airlines, some of which also ferry passengers in “combi” configuration.

In the Philippine Air Force, the Basler BT-67 FLIR Gunship can supplement the OV-10, SF-260W and MD-500 in Combat Air Support miisions, offering significantly higher payload and loiter time plus FLIR capabilities. In Maritime Patrol missions, the BT-67 FLIR Gunship can supplement the OV-10, BN Islander and S-211, offering significantly higher loiter time plus the new capability of FLIR sensors for longer ranged detection and monitoring. In Transport missions, it can supplement the Nomad, Fokker F27, CN-212, C-295 and C-130; and a possible replacement for transport aircraft scheduled for decommissioning. The BT-67 FLIR Gunship is a proven rough field STOL aircraft from the Tropics to the Arctic, and can also supplement the air support assets in the PNP, Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Navy and Philippine Army.

The Basler BT-67 has been fitted with belly hard points that can carry 11,000+ lbs while wing hard points has been certified for 100 lbs per side on wing tips, and 500 lbs per side on the outer wings. These capabilities open up opportunities for future fittings and certifications for additional sensors, and even weapons systems.

The BT-67 FLIR Gunship’s most important advantages are its

1. Cost – It is priced lower as compared to smaller transport aircraft but with a higher 40 troop capacity; 10,000 lb. payload over 650 nautical miles or 2,600 lb. payload over 1875 nautical miles (with long range tanks); and Cargo Deck of 7 feet width at floor level, 6.5 feet height, 42 feet length for a total 1225 Cubic Feet internal volume.
2. Reliability – With the U.S. Air Force, BT-67 availability rate was 100% during the 3 years that they operated it.
3. Deliverability – The Basler BT-67 can usually be delivered within 1 year after the contract is signed.

Other advantages of the Basler BT-67 include
1. Fully customizable configuration as per client exact requirements.
2. Rough-field STOL in such an aircraft size with low stall speed and low approach speed suitable for Maritime Patrol.
3. Industry leading service from Basler Turbo Conversions LLC with widely-available aviation parts.
4. Engine-exhaust-vent-over-the-wing design significantly reduce IR signature to ground sensors for lowered MANPADS vulnerability.

U.S. Department of State Air Wing Basler BT-67 refueling
On Board Oxygen Generator System (OBOGS) for high altitude flying

The BT-67 FLIR Gunship is fitted with 2 proven reliable Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67R engines with Hartzell 5-blade aluminum reversing propeller. It has digital avionics with Full IFR Multi Function Displays, GPS, Weather radar, and HF radio, with full spectrum options available. The digital instrument panel and exterior lighting is Night Vision Goggles compatible. The BT-67 is Stage III quiet, and certified for known ice conditions.

The BT-67 FLIR Gunship has De-icing, Air conditioning, Stall Warning, Oxygen supply, Fire monitoring, with the engine nacelles and radome made of composite material.

The Basler BT-67 FLIR Gunship’s Mission Spectrum includes personnel and cargo transport, parachute operations, aerial patrol, medical evacuation, remote area delivery and support, and cloud seeding, among others. With additional options, the Basler BT-67 can be configured as a Firebomber, and as a long range Multi Mission Patrol Aircraft.

Basler BT-67 digital glass instrument panel, with Night Vision Goggles compatible mode

Two cargo deck seating options, among other configurations

BT-67 with water bomber belly tank option
Wide standard cargo door that can be fitted with a ramp

BT-67 Gunship/CAS configuration option

Possible BT-67 Multi Mission Patrol Aircraft configuration option

The Basler BT-67 FLIR Gunship offers an excellent cost-effective and capable Multi Mission Aircraft package for the Philippines that has limited financial resources to meet a very challenging defense capability upgrading endeavor.

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